Taking Advantage Of Nevada Judge Information

Preparing for any type of legal representation in Nevada is both challenging as well as labor and time-intensive. In the not too distant future, attorneys and law firms throughout Nevada had limited options in gathering information on the judge scheduled to hear the case.

Today, thanks to legal analytics services, it is possible to access judge information without the time needed to send legal staff to review court records and to talk to other attorneys appearing before the judge in the past. In fact, with top legal analytics companies, all of the information you need that spans the entire history of the judge on the bench can be available in report form in a very short period of time.

The Basics and Beyond

There is always information to be discovered in how to present a case by understanding the background of the judge. A top report providing judge information takes this into account, providing information as to education, past experience in and out of the field of law, as well as information as to the judge’s time spent on the bench or as an attorney.

In addition to this basic judge information, more advanced reports and services also provide information on the judge’s workload, which is instrumental in understanding the typical time to trial and other time-based elements in the case. This information helps the attorney to prepare but also allows the lawyer to provide informed estimates of the time for the case to the client.

A judicial summary or judge’s summary is perhaps the most important aspect of reviewing this judge information for a Nevada judge. This provides an overview of how the specific judge handles motions, deals with demurrers, and even how discovery motions are handled by the judge. This information, in addition to the background information, allows lawyers to have a complete understanding of any judge in the state.