Who to Call When You Need a Toronto Keynote Speaker

When you want a Toronto keynote speaker, you want someone who has many years of experience. You want someone who is known to motivate others through their speeches. Keynote speaking is a skill that not too many possess.

About the Speaker

He is a motivational speaker who makes speeches throughout the world. The speaker has many years of experience under his belt. He is a member of the NSA. They have recognized him as a certified speaking professional. There are not too many members of the NSA who hold this title.

What to Expect

You can expect that the speaker is taking his motivational speeches from his life’s experiences. He is not taking them out of a textbook. When you book a session with the Toronto Keynote speaker, you should expect that many people in the audience are going to be moved by the speech. The speaker is one who makes more than one hundred appointments per year. He has had more than one-million patrons in the audience since he began his career. He has made speeches worldwide.

Before each event, the speaker spends hours researching the topic he is going to speak about; he writes all his speeches. The speaker is a dedicated professional who can be relied on to captivate your audience no matter the assigned topic.

When looking for a Toronto keynote speaker, get in touch with Doug Dvorak who has been speaking professionally for over almost 20 years.