3 Tips for Treating Diabetic Foot Problems in Katy, Texas

Diabetes puts your feet and overall well-being at risk. These conditions may include blisters, sore spots, corns, and calluses. If you leave diabetic foot problems untreated, then you could possibly need your foot amputated. Read on to find out about how to overcome the discomfort with foot pain solutions in Katy.

Talk to a Specialist

If you are feeling discomfort in your feet, then you want to start treating it immediately. You should start by making an appointment for foot pain solutions in Katy. It helps to go to a podiatrist who has experience with treating patients with diabetic foot problems.

Your podiatrist will examine your feet. From this examination, the doctor can diagnose your condition and come up with a treatment plan.

Keep Your Feet Clean

Some diabetic patients experience pain because they neglected basic foot care. You must wash your feet every day. If you do not keep your feet clean, then you can develop infections.

Wear the Proper Shoes

Some people may wear the wrong shoes. The shoes can be ill-fitting or rub up against your feet, which can make your foot problems worse. It helps to get shoes that are specifically designed for diabetics. Diabetic shoes come with custom inserts that mold to your feet. They are designed to improve mobility and to help with preventing injuries.

It is important to keep your feet healthy because you always must use them. Contact Advanced Ankle & Foot at www.katyfoot.com to find relief.