Which Plants Benefit From Mycorrhizal Fungi: What to Know

by | Apr 2, 2024 | Biotechnology Company

Mycorrhizal fungi are advantageous to plants, trees and several others in different ways. For instance, cranberries, azaleas, and others use formulated products like root-grown ericoid. Mycorrhizal encourages nutrient and water absorption. This helps ensure plants get healthier and increases their chance of survival. To increase your harvest, any farmer must know the plants benefit from Mycorrhizal.

In this post we elaborate on which plants that benefit from Mycorrhizal fungi .

There are specific Mycorrhizal for roses. The Mycorrhizal helps in improving a plant’s vitality and health. This makes them of great importance to the soil.

Moreover, they also encourage the growth and flowering of roses. These make them more resistant to diseases and pests. There are several methods of applying these fungi. The most popular methods in powder form are mixing with water or spraying onto the plant’s roots.

Peas and beans inoculant is a product containing beneficial fungi or bacteria. It helps improve plants’ productivity and growth by promoting organisms’ establishment in the soil. Nevertheless, inoculants also benefit fruits and vegetables like peas and beans. There are different Mycorrhizal application methods. Some of the most popular methods are broadcasting, drenching and foliar spraying as it is in powder and liquid form.

If you are considering increasing a plant’s growth, recharging its nutrients, or promoting flowering, this fungi is an excellent option as it has several advantages.

Knowing which plants benefit from Mycorrhizal fungi is essential to greater harvests. DYNOMYCO guarantees efficient, fast and proper absorption of minerals, water and nutrients, ensuring your plants have better health. Reach us today for more information on plants that benefit from Mycorrhizal fungi.

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