Where Are the Most Available Biotech Sales Jobs?

Finding and landing a biotech sales job is a little harder than its medical sales and pharmaceutical sales counterparts, mostly due to fewer jobs, creating a highly competitive marketplace. Contributing to the high level of competition is the fact that these jobs are even more lucrative, with biotechnology sales reps earning an average annual salary of $157,865 last year, compared to $141,464 for medical sales reps and $116,334 for pharmaceutical sales reps, respectively, according to MedReps’ annual salary report.

However, despite the seemingly low numbers of available biotech sales jobs, there are definitely a few areas across the country that boast more than their share of these jobs. But where are they? Below are the top five cities with the most available biotech sales jobs:

1. Las Vegas, Nevada (9 jobs)

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” makes a lot of sense, and in this case, it’s a booming biotech industry. Biotechnology sales jobs in Las Vegas are quite numerous and are becoming as hot as some of the stars on the strip.

2. Los Angeles, California (9 jobs)

Los Angeles boasts a high number of jobs in the medical, pharmaceutical, and biotech sales industries. La-La Land has been a sales rep’s dream come true for many years now and the available Biotech sales jobs in Los Angeles are further proof of this.

3. Dallas, Texas (8 jobs)

Texas is quickly becoming ground zero for a blossoming biotech industry. The medical and pharmaceutical fields have already taken off in the “Big D” and it would seem that Dallas biotech sales jobs are next up.

4. Houston, Texas (8 jobs)

Houston definitely doesn’t have a problem when it comes to providing jobs in the medical, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. Houston’s biotechnology sales jobs are rapidly increasing, thanks, in part, to the area’s growing emphasis in technology.

5. (Tie) Atlanta, Georgia (6 jobs)

The ATL seems to be on everyone’s radar lately, sales reps included. And for good reason: the capitol city has seen a surge of growth in the varying medical fields, jobs included. Atlanta biotech sales jobs are increasing rapidly by the day.

5. (Tie) Jacksonville, Florida (6 jobs)

Jacksonville? Believe it or not, this Florida community is quickly becoming a popular destination as companies from all industries build offices and headquarters there. While the city may never be considered as the next L.A., Chicago, or New York, the number of available biotech sales jobs in Jacksonville are on par with those areas.

5. (Tie) New York City, New York (6 jobs)

Don’t ever sleep on “The City That Never Sleeps.” The high number of available New York City biotechnology sales jobs shows why so many sales reps still flock to the Big Apple. It always seems that there are numerous job opportunities here.

5. (Tie) Tampa, Florida (6 jobs)

Florida is quickly becoming a sales rep’s dream state. Who would’ve thought? Tampa is a popular warm-weather gulf destination that enjoys sun and a tropical climate year-round. Take a look at the biotech sales jobs in Tampa and then picture yourself on a sandy beach with a drink in hand.

Five More (5 jobs each):

Baltimore, Maryland: Biotech sales jobs in Baltimore

Miami, Florida: Miami biotechnology sales jobs

New Orleans, Louisiana: Biotech sales jobs in New Orleans

San Francisco, California: San Francisco biotech sales jobs

Washington, D.C.: Biotechnology sales jobs in Washington, D.C.

Whether you’re trying to break in to the biotech industry or you’re a veteran sales rep simply looking for a change of scenery, the bottom line is that it’s best to start your search in one of these cities. Biotechnology sales jobs aren’t as numerous as medical or pharmaceutical sales rep jobs and because of that, they are highly competitive. But for good reason. Once you land one, you’ll be able to enjoy the famous perks and benefits that biotech sales reps do, including an above-average medical industry salary. Before making your final decision, you’ll also want to consider a variety of factors, including the local cost of living as well as advancement opportunities within a specific company. Good luck in your search!