Roofers Can Help With the Signs of Gutter Replacement

Gutters play a key role in a home’s structural integrity. When they work properly, they permit rainwater to flow from the roof downward, where it is carried through drains and downspouts away from the home. If the gutters aren’t working as they should, however, the results can be disastrous. Below are five signs that it may be time for Roofers to replace a home’s gutters.


Gutters overflow for a variety of reasons. If debris is clogging the downspouts and gutters, a thorough cleaning can solve the problem. There are other reasons for gutters to overflow, however. If the hangers are improperly installed, a low spot can cause overflowing with every rain. Gutters that are too narrow can’t handle the amount of rainwater yielded by a significant storm.

Advanced Age

The gutter system’s age can cause drainage problems in some cases. As they age, gutters can develop holes and cracks at the seams. Repairs are at best a temporary fix, and over time, rainfall and wind can cause the system to weaken even further. If the home’s gutters are more than ten years old, or they’re made of thinner-gauge materials, consider having them replaced.

Poor Attachment

Gutters are attached to the fascia boards with straps or hangers. If these aren’t properly installed, Roofers may find damage to the fascia, soffit, and framing. Gutters can sag if hangers aren’t spaced closely enough during installation, which can cause pooling and failure in lower sections.

Damage to the Foundation

Foundation damage is a possible side effect of a malfunctioning gutter system. If the home’s gutters are full due to sagging or poor hanger spacing, water may collect around the foundation. Gradually, the water can seep down the foundation into the basement, finding its way into the smallest cracks and causing extra damage.


Overflowing, aging gutters can cause serious soil erosion. When rainwater overflows, soil is carried away from the home’s foundation. Erosion also occurs at downspout exit points if they’re not properly set, and it can cause damage to landscaping planted around the foundation.

Gutters serve multiple important functions. They not only carry water away from the home and off the roof, but they also prevent damage to the foundation, the soil, and the soffit. While it may be tempting to go for the quick, cheap repair, the results are only temporary.