When You’re Ready for More than a Car

When it comes to vehicles, there is only one make you will drive. It’s a Ford. It’s a name that is synonymous with reliability. It’s an American brand that has been around for over one hundred years. How can you argue with that kind of reputation? You’re thinking about taking the plunge to buy a new vehicle, except you need more than a car. You need space. You want flexibility. If you want to load up a crew of friends or family, a car isn’t going to cut it. When you are headed out on an extended trip, you want something that will have room for all of your gear. Most importantly of all, you want to be able to take on anything that nature throws at you while you are cruising the highways. It’s time to think about a Ford Explorer in St Charles.

Give Yourself the Whole Package

A Ford Explorer in St Charles is a great place to start if you are moving up from a car. If you don’t want something as large as an expedition, you can go with a Ford Explorer for a mid-size option. You get to choose if you would prefer four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. You have plenty of options that can help you to personalize your Ford. If you don’t see what you want on the lot, ask about a special order.

Let Hawk Ford of St Charles Help You Find Your Ford Explorer

Visit to find out what is waiting for you at the Hawk Ford of St Charles dealership. In addition to a line-up of new Ford Explorers, you can also take a peek at pre-owned options. The team at Hawk Ford of St Charles is committed to satisfying customers every day. You could be the next one.