What Is a Beer Centrifuge?

by | Jan 10, 2019 | Brewery Equipment

Are you working to establish your brewing company? Perhaps you are looking for an update to your existing system. In all cases, it pays to get to know how the system works and what newer solutions can offer to you. If you are working to scale your operation, you may need to invest in high tech solutions that are capable of taking your recipe and creating a large amount of product without a lot of time wasted. The beer centrifuge is a component behind this process. There are a few things you should know about it.

How Does It Work?

The beer centrifuge is a key component of your operation. It works to remove the yeast and other types of solids in the production process. This includes removing the hops. To do this, it works like a large cylinder. As it rotates and turns, the beer – the liquid components – are able to fall through. The solids remain in place. As the system turns at high speeds, it causes any type of dense solid in the production – such as the hops or the yeast – to be removed from the liquid. This is all done using gravity.

There is another key feature of the way this component works. During the process of turning and spinning, it also dissolves the oxygen that commonly builds up. This can help to limit the amount of oxygen that actually gets into the beer during the production process. Oxygen, as you can imagine, is damaging to the actual finished product.

When it comes to building and designing your production system, the beer centrifuge is likely to be a key component of the process. It is important to choose a system designed to work reliably in creating these types of products, and this component will be one of the important pieces.

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