When You Can’t Factory Order Your Fleet

Is it time to think about a new fleet? Fleet management best practices include ordering your fleet directly from the factory. This is the most convenient strategy but some times of the year it’s not possible, so what can you do? If you need your new vehicles soon, here are some alternatives to factory ordering you might want to consider.

Vehicle Pools from Auto Manufacturers

Many manufacturers create special pools for vehicles like the “Ford Fusion Rapid Order Pool” and the General Motors “eFleet.” These cars are manufactured specifically for reassignment to businesses. The wait for cars like these is usually about two to four weeks for standard vehicles (no modifications or upfitting needed). However, not all models are available but they usually have the most popular models and buying these cars is fleet management best practices for most companies today. You’ll need a fleet identification number or an agreement with the manufacturer.

Upfitting Pool

Some upfitting companies have new vehicles ready for modifications. You can take your pick of what they have in stock. However, you must use the company for your vehicle modifications, and the process takes four to six weeks. Some vehicles can be upfitted by the manufacturer (ship-thru) while others may not have this option.

Port Locations

You can get cab-over chassis models for GM and Isuzu trucks at their port locations. For Isuzu, you can buy through a dealer, and for GM you must go through a fleet management company. It can take four to six weeks and up to 10 days for shipping. You can find a wide selection of trucks, including both gasoline and diesel engine models.


This is usually fleet management best practices last option. You can go directly to a dealer and check to see what they have on hand. It is the most expensive option, but you can sometimes get what you need.