Area Lighting For Special Effects

There is no need to sacrifice safety and security for quality light when selecting outdoor area lighting. With just a few techniques and some tips, any commercial or residential property can take advantage of lighting options to create a beautiful space to enjoy throughout the evening hours.

Planning the Project

Before getting started on the project, stop and think about where the area lighting needs to be concentrated. Will it be used to illuminate a walkway along a building or perhaps to add light to an outdoor kitchen or living space? Do you need lighting around a pool where moisture issues will need to be considered or do you want to highlight a specific feature on the property that is away from the buildings?

It is a good idea to draw a basic map of the area and consider the level of lighting you require. Entrances, stairways, patios, decks, and walkways will need to have more light for safety and security. Ambiance types of lights can be used in gardens and landscaping to create pools of light that are soft and more diffuse.

Perimeter Lighting

Wall packs are a great area lighting for walkways along fences or building or even when retaining walls form one of the sides of the walk. These LED lights can be brighter and more direct and are designed to shine the light down on the surface.

To create a bright area behind a patio, pool deck or to highlight other buildings on the property, use floodlights that are directly up from the ground or down from a height. With the downward area lighting option, there is a pool of light created that is not available when the path of the light is directed up from the ground.

Around patio railings or to highlight features in the outdoor space of a commercial or residential property, consider outdoor strip lighting. This gives enough light to enhance visibility without flooding the area, adding a softer look that is very relaxing and easy on the eye.