When to Take Hearing Aids in for Hearing Aid Repair in Naperville

If you wear a hearing aid, you may be dependent on it for everyday activities. Without your device, it may be difficult to hear people when talking to them on the telephone, you may have to turn up the TV or radio to understand what is being said, and it may be challenging to carry on conversations. If you’re having any problems hearing while using your hearing aid, the information below can help you troubleshoot it.

Cannot Hear Well

If you are not hearing well when wearing your hearing device, the problem could be the volume is set too low or the battery is running low. If you turn up the volume and replace the battery and it’s still not loud enough, try cleaning the earwax out of the earmolds, tubes, or domes. If there is still a problem, you may need to take your device in for hearing aid repair in Naperville.

Device Makes Noises

Sometimes your hearing device may make a whistling noise when you wear it. This could be caused by having a hand or item of clothing too close to the device, or it could be caused if the earmolds, tubes, or domes are not inserted correctly. If you reinsert these items and the whistling doesn’t stop, you may need to take your device in for hearing aid repair to stop the noise.

Performance Is Inconsistent

If your hearing aid doesn’t work correctly or if you experience periodic problems, you can try to change the battery to try to solve the issue. When the battery runs low, it can cause the hearing aid to perform poorly and prevent you from hearing clearly. However, if you find that the battery is not the problem, you should take your device in to have it examined. Check out the Hearing Specialists of DuPage’s website to find out more information about hearing aid repair.

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