A Different Way for Floor Design in Your Oregon Home With Painted Cloths

If you want a floor that has a unique design in your home, then consider painting pieces of cloth. Here are a few ideas to consider pertaining to the details of cutting and choosing the colors for the room where you plan to place the cloths.

Work Space

You’re going to want to set up a space where you can comfortably work on hand painted floor cloths. This area should include a large table and a cover for the floor so that you don’t get paint everywhere. Open a window to allow for ventilation since you’ll be using paint. Make sure the cloths are preshrunk so that the size doesn’t change if you wash the cloths in the future. Cut the design and shape of the cloths that you want to put on the floor before painting so that you don’t smudge the colors with scissors.


When you make hand painted floor cloths, you want to sew the edges after painting. This can prevent any uneven areas from showing. Try to use the straightest edge possible so that each cloth looks as professional as possible and so that all of the pieces easily fit together, especially if you want certain colors or designs to fit together in a certain way.


Apply a base to the cloth pieces before the paint as this can help bring out the colors that are used a bit more. Stencils and stamps are good to use when painting instead of a freehand design so that you get the details just right. Try to match the colors on the cloths with the walls in the room or the furniture so that there is a nice flow.