When To Consider Lawyers For VA Claims

Veterans who have been disabled because they fought for their country may need to apply for disability with the VA. However, it can be a tough process to go through alone, and lawyers can help with your appeal claims. Most people wonder when they should hire an attorney. Recent changes in the law now allow you to hire a qualified agent or lawyer once the appeals process has been started, or after you’ve filed a NOD at your regional office.

Why It’s Best

You probably think that your country will do everything it can to give you the disability benefits you deserve after sacrificing for your country. However, the Veterans Affairs office is made up of people who try to dispute your claim so as not to have to pay benefits to those who don’t deserve them. It’s very easy for you to be denied, even if you have a legitimate claim, which is why it’s best to hire lawyers for VA claims.

The process can be difficult to understand, especially if you’ve never filed before, which is why legal representation is a good idea.

Better Success Rates

Veterans do have a variety of agencies and options available to help them in getting their claim accepted. However, those with an attorney usually have the lowest denial rate because you already have someone at your side to help you through the process. Plus, they can work on appeals faster, which means you’re back in front of the BVA sooner to repeal.

What To Look For

When hiring an attorney, make sure that they understand the law as it pertains to veterans and disability benefits. You may also want to read reviews and testimonials from other veterans.

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