When Purchasing Or Renovating A Home, Consider Wood Flooring In NYC

When a person is purchasing a new home or renovating an existing home, flooring is a big consideration. Wood flooring is back in popularity because of its warm, welcoming look, its durability, and ease of care. Some homes already have solid wood flooring in all or part of the rooms. It just needs repairing and refinishing to look beautiful again. Other homes will need new wood floors installed by Wood Flooring in NYC dealers.

Working With Existing Wood Floors

When a new homeowner discovers wood flooring under the carpet or vinyl flooring, it may be savable. Companies such as New York Wood Flooring can inspect the floor to determine if it can be saved. Some wood floors were covered because they were beyond fixing due to wear and damage. Other floors were covered with a new type of floor for a different, more modern look. Once the wood floors are uncovered and all the glue, nails, and staples are removed, repair and refinishing can begin.

A good wood floor company will be able to replace damaged boards with matching material, strip and sand the existing repaired floor, and then refinish it to look like new. Floors are sanded with graduated sandpapers, from coarse to fine, to remove stains and scratches. Then they are stained and finished with durable finishes. Once the finishes are thoroughly dry, the floors are ready to use.

Adding New Wood Floors

If a homeowner wants wood flooring and there is none, new wood floors can be found at Wood Flooring in NYC showrooms. The customer has hundreds of wood choices in different types of wood and stain colors. Wood flooring is available as unfinished solid wood flooring to be finished on site, solid wood flooring that is prefinished, wood veneer or engineered wood flooring, and laminate wood flooring.

Wood flooring comes in the form of lots of planks or boards that are fit together on site to cover the floors in a seamless look. The planks come in different widths and surface finishes. Once the homeowner chooses the wood floor they like, it must be installed. The beauty of a wood floor depends on expert installation and a perfect fit. There must be the proper trim installed at doorways and around the perimeter of the rooms.

Once properly installed, a wood floor can last many years. For more information, go to the website.