3 Mistakes Not To Make When Choosing Subsea Engineering Companies

Making the decision to start a project, especially subsea drilling, is something that is potentially very lucrative, but also not without its challenges and potential risks. Your choice of subsea engineering companies can add to the experience, or it can potentially create issues that run the project over budget.

Not all subsea engineering companies are the same. While all will offer some level of experience and expertise, only a few have the experience of addressing all components of the oil and gas industry, which is needed to get the project designed from concept to full production.

There are several mistakes or red flags to watch for when talking to sales reps or project managers with different subsea engineering services. Knowing what to watch for and listen to will help you avoid what may be a very costly mistake.

History with Customers

The best subsea engineering companies will have no difficulty in providing you with a list of past operations they have worked on. This will include the names and contact information of the operators or project coordinators for the companies they have past experience in assisting.

Always take the time to personally contact these individuals. Ask about the customer service, the ability to stay to timelines, the approach to challenges or problems encountered the overall satisfaction with the team.

It is also essential to research the company and find out their history with any potential issues in the area of subsea or ultra-deepwater oil production or distribution. Hiring company with a challenging history is always a high-risk option.

Understanding of Your Unique Project

Be very cautious about any engineering company offering subsea services that seems to do more talking than listening at your first meeting. It is impossible for the sales rep or the project manager to talk to you about how they will approach your project if they don’t even understand the unique challenges of your drilling operation.

Focus of the Company

Not all companies are focused on the same aspects of a project. Some companies are more geared towards producing end results while others are engaged in ethical, environmentally sound options of engineering and deep sea and ultra-deepwater oil production. Of course, it is possible to have a company with a top reputation for both, but it will be important to ask about the company’s focus to ensure you are partnering with a company with the same philosophy as your business.