What You Need to Know About Well Drilling in Ocean County

People that have city utilities are usually very surprised when they move to a rural area and discover that water doesn’t come from a central source that serves all areas, not to mention the fact that plumbing works a bit different too. Many residential and commercial properties in rural areas rely on wells to provide water for their daily needs. For a new development, or when a well has gone dry, Well Drilling in Ocean County is going to be a must.

Drilling a well is a complex process that requires a lot of planning. One of the first steps is to determine if a property even has a suitable site for a well. If you’re buying property, you’ll want to get an environmental analysis of the land to ensure that digging a well is possible. It would be a shame to buy land that you can’t put a well on to make it usable.

The analysis will consist of soil samples, as well as an aquifer test, to determine if there is any available water on the land. They will also see how deep they would have to drill to get to the water and if there are any contaminants that could make the water unusable in the vicinity of the potential well site.

Once areas have been approved, it’s time to pick a spot for the well. There will be state requirements for distance from a structure, so you’ll need to know where you plan to build in order to pick the right spot for the well. Now it’s time for the Well Drilling in Ocean County.

Only a professional can do this job correctly and safely. They will use a rotary drill to dig down to the appropriate depth. In this area, 200 feet is the average depth of a well. They will then install a metal or plastic casing, which will stabilize the well. A pump and pump screen will be installed, and pipes will be laid to bring water to a storage tank that will distribute water into the building.

This process is precise and requires skill to be done right. If you Visit website name, you’ll find all of the above mentioned services, plus many more. They can help you with your new well, or repair one that isn’t working correctly. All you need to do is give them a call.