Reviewing Auto Insurance Claims And Insurance Requirements

In Texas, all registered automobile owners must obtain coverage through a local insurer. The law requires all automobiles to be protected under these policies to reduce the potential for a lawsuit. Insurers provide auto owners with information about the policy and how to file Auto Insurance Claims after an accident.

What are the Required Insurance Values?

The current laws define the need for at least liability coverage for all registered vehicles. The required values begin with $30,000 for a single-victim accident. The maximum value for the policy should provide at least $60,000 for a multiple-victim accident. It should also provide $25,000 for property damage that occurs during the accident.

How to Process a Claim

The first step for processing the claim is to acquire an accident report. The report explains what happened during the accident. It defines what driver was responsible for the accident. It also identifies all party involved in the accident. Vital details about the accident are included in the report.

A claim’s adjuster evaluates the automobile to determine what damage occurred. They also evaluate the estimate acquired for the auto repairs. They also assess the medical costs associated with the victim’s or victims’ injuries. The claim is processed to determine how much coverage is provided for this specific accident. The claim’s adjuster provides the victim or victims with a check for the allotted funds.

What are the Penalties for No Insurance?

The state of Texas uses an updated database that monitors the insurance coverage for all auto owners. It notifies the Department of Motor Vehicles if any policy expires or is canceled. The penalty for no insurance coverage begins with a fine between $175 and $350. Any extra offenses increase the fine to a value between $375 and $1,000. Driver’s license and registration suspensions are also possible.

In Texas, all automobile owners are required to obtain auto insurance. The insurance must provide no less than liability coverage. Any auto owner who doesn’t maintain coverage faces penalties according to criminal laws. The Department of Motor Vehicles, as well as the court, can apply fines and penalties according to the number of previous offenses. Drivers who need to evaluate insurance coverage or how to process Auto Insurance Claims should visit to find more information. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.