What To Expect When Doing Physical Therapy Lawrence KS

by | Apr 29, 2016 | Chiropractic

When someone suffers from a muscular injury, their doctor or chiropractor may recommend they do Physical Therapy Lawrence KS to help reduce pain. Many find that physical therapy sessions are extremely beneficial in alleviating inflammation to the area. Here are some of the tasks the injured person would be expected to do during a physical therapy session.

The first appointment with a physical therapist would include an evaluation of the extent of the injury. The person would need to perform several tasks in trying to move the area where pain is present. The range of motion would be noted so the therapist would be able to tell if the sessions are working in a positive way. If the pain gets worse during the appointments, they would alter the exercises that need to be done.

The spot on the body where the injury is located would benefit from cold or hot temperature. First, an ice pack would be applied to the area to help reduce any swelling or inflammation that is present in the area. This should be done soon after the injury is sustained. After a few days, heat can be applied instead. This is done with heating pads wrapped in soft towels. The therapist would set a timer so the patient gets the maximum benefit from the temperature change.

An electric stimulating machine can be used to help reduce pain in the area. This machine will trigger small spasms to the area of the muscle where the injury occurred. This will help move the muscles under the skin, helping in their healing process. Massage may also be administered to the area to help.

A variety of stretches and exercises would need to be done to help move the muscles. The movements will strengthen the area where the injury occurred. Doing these activities will greatly reduce the pain in the area and help it to heal much quicker.

If someone is told they need to do some Physical Therapy Lawrence KS, they will need to find a reputable therapist in their area. Take a look at a website like Ctrmm.com to find a professional that would help in the healing of the injury properly.

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