Sales Force Integration- Does Sales Force Offer Any Benefits?

According to a recent survey released by Forbes magazine, Sales Force has been named as the most innovative company in the world for the second time in a row. This doesn’t come as a surprise to most people who are using the company’s proprietary Customer Relationship Management Software. Sales Force offers an extensive array of benefits over ordinary customer relationship management programs. In fact, given the popularity of the software program, more and more companies are now hiring developers for Sales Force integration into their platforms. Here are just some of the many benefits that Sales Force integration offers:

Managing Territorial Boundaries

One of the biggest benefits that Sales Force can offer to your company is that it helps you manage territorial boundaries. If you have a team of sales people working in your firm, how do you decide which territories to target, and then divide the territories by respective area? Rather than poring over data in old-school spreadsheets, Sales Force offers an innovative approach. The program allows you to monitor and track virtually anything that you want. Not only does it help you save time and plenty of resources, but the program also makes it easy for you to mitigate risks involved with managing a team of sales people.

Tracking Competitors

Information plays a vital role in virtually any industry. You need to track the success of your competitors and find information about the methods that they are using to attract customers. This will help you find opportunities that you can exploit in order to gain more business and get the upper hand on your competitors. Sales Force integration can help you do just that. Not only can the program track the performance of your direct competitors, but it can also help you manage opportunities. It will help you streamline your opportunities, reply to clients in a much faster time period, and most importantly, it will help you see what deals your competitors have won or lost within a given time period.

Managing Orders

Customer service is also extremely important. Managing clients’ orders and offering support is necessary if you want to retain their business. Sales Force makes it easy for you to do just that and a lot more. It can help you turn an estimate in to an order and can also help you create a series of customized and automated reports at the press of a button. Managing orders is essential for small businesses. All in all, Sales Force offers an extensive array of benefits to customers that you don’t get from ordinary CRM systems. Integrating it in to your business model will help you save money and make efficient use of your business’ resources.