What to Expect from Your wedding minister

Meeting up with your wedding minister? Here are a few things yours will want to know:

No pressure

A good minister knows how important it is for the ceremony to reflect the life you have together and will not pressure you to have a religious wedding if it doesn’t match both of your personalities. However, if you’re both religious, a minister can enhance the ceremony and make it even more meaningful for you.

Your vows

Your minister will ask you about your vows. Will you want to prepare your own or do you want your minister to write them? Decide on which option you wish to go for before you meet up with your minister.

Your wedding day

Let your wedding minister know the day and time of your wedding as soon as you set one. You might want to book transportation services for your minister if the venue is outside of town or an hour or two away.

Your vision

A lot of couples already know what they want for their ceremony and that could help tremendously in putting the wedding together. However, if you don’t have a clue or know the first thing about it – don’t stress yourself out. Your minister will be there to help you by asking the right questions until you can easily identify and finalize all the necessary details.

Your belief system

The minister will ask you about your belief system. Knowing this will help your officiant say the right things and know what to include and what to avoid during the wedding ceremony, says Martha Stewart. It will also give your minister better insight and understanding of who you and your future spouse are. This can make the wedding ceremony so much more intimate and special. Remember to choose wisely. With the right minister, you can look forward to getting the help and assistance you need.