How To Prepare Children For Pre-School Programs In Shelton CT

Starting preschool is a huge step for children and their parents. It is the first time that the child is going to be separated from their family for several hours during the day. If parents want to make the adjustment easy for the child so that preschool can be an exciting experience rather an upsetting one, parents should know a few tips before sending their child to Pre-school Programs in Shelton CT.

Start Spending Time Apart

If a child is used to spending all of their time with their one or both of their parents, they can suffer from separation anxiety when they start preschool. The summer before school starts, parents should start sending their child to stay with a friend or family member for a few hours each week. It will give the child a chance to get used to being away from their family.

Start the New Routine Early

When children are in preschool, they will need to go to bed early and get up early. This is something that children are not used to if they have been staying home with their parents their whole lives. Rather than starting the new routine the night before school starts, parents should start the new routine a few weeks before school starts to get their child adjusted.

Take Advantage of Open Houses

If the school is having an open house for new students and their families, parents should go. It gives the child a chance to see where they are going to be spending their day. When they know what their preschool program is like ahead of time, it can make them feel less anxious.

Take a Shopping Trip With the Child to Buy Supplies

Before school starts, parents should take their child shopping for a backpack and school supplies. If the child is able to choose their own backpack and other items they will need for school, they will be more excited to start.

Read Books About Preschool

There are many children’s books that parents can buy to read to their child. These books will give the child an idea of what preschool is like and they will understand that everyone is scared at first.

Preparing a child for preschool ahead of time is very important. If parents want to send their children to one of the best Pres-school Programs in Shelton CT, they should contact website.