What to Expect from VNG Balance Testing

by | Jan 18, 2016 | Healthcare

A VNG balance test is something that is done to see why you are off balance and dizzy. This happens for many different reasons, but sometimes happens after a car accident as well. Of course, as with any kind of testing most people are nervous about what is going to be happening to them and want to know what to expect.

Read on below for some things that you can expect during your VNG balance test.

When you are undergoing VNG testing you will be expected to wear a pair of goggles over your eyes, which will monitor and record your every movement.

Sensory Organization Testing

During this type of testing you will be asked to stand or walk in different conditions, then you will be asked to open and close your eyes. This test is used to help determine how your sensory organization works with your balance. During this test, you are less inclined to become dizzy but you may lose your balance so be careful.

Ocular Motor Testing

During this test, you will be asked to follow a light that will be either in front of the goggles you are wearing or inside the goggles you are wearing. The light moves very quickly from one direction to the other. You may experience dizziness during this test as well.

Positional Testing

You will be asked to move your head from one position and then another position. You can also experience vertigo during this testing as well.

Caloric Testing

This is a very important part of your testing for balance issues. This part of the test is usually done at the end of all of the testing. You will be asked to lie on your back as either cool or cool air or warm or cool water is sent from one ear to the other. This practice will be alternated from ear to ear. The items will stay in your ears for about one minute each and then be removed.

It is possible that you will be dizzy and off balance during this portion of the test.
The entire test will take about one to one and a half hour from beginning to end and each test will help your doctor determine if you have balance issues. This should help you prepare for your testing, so that you won’t be nervous when the time comes.

If you have to undergo VNG balance testing, contact the professionals at MD Diagnostic Specialists. They are waiting for your call and are eager to help you.

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