What Kind Of Car Should You Rent In Costa Rica?

by | Jan 18, 2016 | Business

People decide to rent a car in Costa Rica for many reasons. Among the most popular is independence. If you arrange for a car rental, you can travel from one end of the country. You can even head to the country’s most southern port town. This is Golfito.

Catching a Wave at Golfito, Costa Rica

If you are a surfer, you have heard about Golfito. They consider it to be the gateway to the Pavones. Surfers may stay in Golfito, but they are actually there to make their way to Pavones where every conversation turns on tide conditions, incoming swells and who was the best rider on the waves. This makes having access to a car rental imperative.

Beyond Surfing in Golfito

Yet Golfito is more than about being close to a surfer’s dream. It is about sport fishing all year and ecotourism. This town is home to many Eco-Lodges. These small lodges or hotels offer their guests the chance to enjoy the country without leaving behind a large environmental footprint. They may question what type of car you drive, but it is important for you to choose the car rental to suit your experience.

Car Rental in Costa Rica: What Type of Vehicle

The general opinion of those who have driven in Costa Rica is the most important characteristic car is what type of drive it has. When you look at the various car rental companies, check for a 4X4. Four-wheel drive can make all the difference when it comes to the terrain in and around many cities and communities in Costa Rica. Other factors to consider when choosing a vehicle are the basic ones:

  • Size: How many people are coming?
  • Space: How much luggage will you and your companions have? Is it enough to demand a van or can a small care suffice?
  • Destination: Are you planning to stay on road or go off road?
  • Road Condition: What shape are the roads in? Are they well paved, under construction or simply rough going?
  • GPS: If you plan to go out of a city, you need to have a GPS. This may be the only way you have of ensuring you do not get lost. Costa Rica does not have a lot of signage, even on the major roads. You will not find street names or house numbers. This makes an up-to-date GPS system a necessity. Talk to the car rental service to see if they include one in the vehicles you are interested in renting.

If you plan to spend any time on the roads in and around such places as Golfito, it is important you know what type of car you should hire. Use the above as a guide. It may help you narrow down your car rental choices to one particular vehicle and one specific company.

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