What To Expect From The Top Social Security Disability Attorneys In Dallas

There are several criteria that a person in Dallas must meet to receive benefits through the Social Security Disability insurance program. The specifics of the criteria include not being able to earn more than $1,220 per month as well as also having a disability that will last at least one year (12 months) or be a terminal type of condition.

The specific conditions that are considered under the Social Security Disability insurance program include both mental and physical conditions. They can include anxiety and depression, stroke, heart failure, cancers, vision or hearing loss, asthma or COP, and a range of neurological conditions. There are also individual considerations based on the medical condition, the person’s age, training and education, and options to work in a different job or a modified job.

Meeting with the Attorney

Most Social Security Disability applications are denied, with about 65% of initial applications not being completed correctly or missing medical documentation to support the application and claim.

When anyone in the Dallas area receives a denial of the claim, working with the top Social Security Disability attorneys in the city is an important step. Finding an attorney as soon as possible is essential as there is a limit of 60 days to file the initial appeal.

In your first meeting with one of the top Social Security Disability attorneys, you have the time to ask questions. As you may have several questions, make a note of what you want to ask, so you are sure to cover everything.

The top Social Security Disability attorneys can provide you information on your case based on their extensive experience within the Social Security Administration requirements and processes. It is vital to go through the appeals process as many of the initial denials are overturned by an Administrative Law Judge, providing you the benefits you are entitled to receive.