What To Expect From Benzodiazepine Abuse Counseling in Navarre FL

In Florida, benzodiazepine is a commonly prescribed class of medications. Due to the higher volumes of the prescriptions, the risk of addiction has increased dramatically over the last decade. The classification of medications are used to treat common conditions, but the controlled substances aren’t monitored appropriately. A local clinic provides benzodiazepine abuse counseling in Navarre FL for individuals who are struggling with addiction.

What is Benzodiazepine?

The prescription medication is provided as a sedative to treat a variety of disorders, such as anxiety and insomnia. Common forms of the medication are Xanax and Valium. Diazepam is another benzo drug that is used to treat alcohol withdrawal and seizures. Unfortunately, the medications are highly addictive and lead to severe abuse.

What are the Signs of Benzo Addiction?

The patient exhibits physical, behavioral, and psychological signs of addiction to the medication. The symptoms include blurred vision, drowsiness, poor judgment, borrowing or stealing the medication, and severe mood changes. Patients are more likely to mix the medication with alcohol or other controlled substances. The addiction often leads to doctor shopping to get higher volumes of the medications.

More Severe Symptoms

With a severe addiction, the patient exhibits signs of muscle and reflex weakness, limited motor coordination, confusion, and difficulty breathing. Patients who abuse the substance could fall into a coma or die as a result of taking high doses. The individuals are more likely to participate in more serious criminal activities to obtain a supply of the medication. The crimes could include prostitution, burglary, and armed robbery.

Reporting Doctor Shopping

Families that become aware of doctor shopping by the addict should contact the authorities. The practice of obtaining more prescription of the medication increases the dangers for the individual and others. Stopping illegal activities could close the door to the supply and improve the addict’s chances of recovery.

In Florida, prescription medication addiction has become a more serious and complex issue. Addicts who develop an addiction to the classification of drugs are more likely to die of an overdose. Patients who realize they need help can click here to find information about Benzodiazepine Abuse Counseling in Navarre FL right now.