Hino Makes Some Tough Trucks for Commercial Use

by | Jul 9, 2019 | Automotive

Are you in the market for a new box truck? Maybe you would like to have a tough and rugged flatbed commercial truck for your business. You might need a hard-working dump or boom truck. Hino makes some of the finest trucks on the road today. Here is important information about these trucks from your dealer providing Hino truck parts and trucks in Texas.


If you buy a new commercial truck, you want no problems for some time to come, and with an exceptional warranty program, it is possible. When you buy a cab-over model or a conventional truck, you receive an unlimited mileage warranty for a full 36 months. It does not matter how far you drive or how much you work your truck for three years. You are covered for labor and Hino truck parts in Texas.

Some trucks (conventional) have a standard extended warranty for the owners. It lasts for five years and is good for 250,000 miles. Cab-over models have a five year extended warranty good for 200,000 miles, which covers labor and Hino truck parts in Texas. Preventative care programs are also available.

Roadside Assistance

Do you pay extra for a roadside assistance program? You do not have to when you buy a new Hino truck for your business. You receive free roadside assistance for three years, and it comes with unlimited mileage.

Monitor Your Drivers

Hino offers an advanced telematics program with their trucks. You can tell if your drivers are going too fast or braking too much. You also know how far they travel.


Would you like to know if one of your trucks has an engine problem? With remote diagnostics, you can learn about DTC (diagnostic trouble codes). This can help you take care of engine problems as they happen.

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