What to expect from a traditional luau

The traditional luau is a party that is based on a Hawaiian theme. If you are looking to plan a traditional luau or you are attending a traditional one, it helps to know a little bit more about it. An understanding of the background and the history will help you in the planning process. The Hawaiians have a rich and beautiful history that is celebrated in a traditional luau party. You can incorporate this into any luau event you are planning for a truly special occasion.

When it comes to attending a traditional luau, you can expect a menu that reflects traditional food that is normally served at this special event. Some of the more common dishes you may find include Lomilomi Salmon, Kalua Pig, Poi, Chicken Long Rice, Pineapple Coleslaw, and many more delicious and varied dishes. It is common to also find dinner rolls on the menu as well as desserts such as fresh fruits and chocolate cake. Since a traditional luau in older times was a feast as well as having religious associations, a modern day luau can expect to have plenty of food for the guests to enjoy.


In addition to food, entertainment can be expected at a traditional luau, There will be plenty of singing and dancing whether from the guests themselves or from the members of a performance. One thing that is assured is that everyone present will definitely have an amazing time. These high energy performances are captivating and are always remembered fondly by everyone in attendance. You can expect to see men and women performing wearing traditional hula skirts as well as Hawaiian Leis.

What to wear

Guests attending a traditional luau will want to dress accordingly. This means wearing leis and hulas as well as adorning oneself with tropical flowers in the spirit of the event. It is a great idea to find out whether the garb will be provided or if guests have to come already dressed for the event. This will guarantee that you arrive as needed to enjoy the party without a hitch.

Traditional luaus allow you to become immersed in one of the most fun and exciting parts of Hawaiian culture. Experience the best when you go to a luau location nearest you.

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