Nothing Tops a Gondola Ride When it Comes to Date Ideas in San Diego, CA

The bodies of water around San Diego draw both lovers and fun seekers. Gondola rides help make your special memories even more special.

Occasions People Rent Gondolas For Gondula rides are at the top of the list when it comes to date ideas in San Diego, CA. You can create a memorable first date during the daytime or a romantic evening or nighttime date. Hold a small wedding, propose or celebrate an anniversary on a gondola. Take a group of friends out on one. Have a photoshoot on one.

Late-Morning Cruises

A late-morning cruise would be a great time for a first date or to take a group of people consisting of all ages. Bring your own appetizers if you like.

Afternoon Cruises

Afternoon cruises are also popular for daytime dates or group outings. You could dine at a restaurant and then take an afternoon cruise or take a late-afternoon cruise and end the day at a fine restaurant.

Sunset Cruises

Watching a beautiful sunset while laying back on a gondola is a relaxing, beautiful, and romantic experience. The gondola company will set the cruise time according to when sunset occurs, as dictated by the time of year.

VIP Rides

If you’re lucky, you’ll find a gondola company that offers a customized experience. Alternatively, a Valentine’s Day ride may be in order.