When a person has a tooth that is severely decayed, a typical filling won’t help. In cases of severe decay, a root canal is the only way to save the tooth. When most people hear that they need a root canal, they panic because most people associate the procedure with pain. If a person is scheduled for a root canal in the South Loop, understanding how the procedure works can reduce some of the anxiety.

Numbing the Area
Before the dentist begins the procedure, they would completely numb the area with Novocaine. To make the Novocaine shot less painful, a numbing gel is applied to the gums.

Drilling the Tooth
When the patient’s mouth is numb, the dentist would drill into the tooth. This allows them to get to the infected area of the tooth. This may sound painful however; it is drilled the same way that the dentist would drill if they were filling a typical cavity.

Removing the Pulp
When a tooth is seriously decayed, the issue goes down into the pulp. Because of this, the pulp would need to be removed and then the hole is flushed out. This is to be sure that the entire tooth is cleaned out, free of bacteria and decay. Because the pulp is already dead and the patient is numb, this is a relatively painless process.

Application of Medication
In many cases, there will be an infection in the tooth. To treat this issue, the dentist would put an antibiotic gel into the hole of the tooth. Next, temporary filler would be used to close up the hole until the infection clears up.

Sealing the Tooth

If the individual did not have an infection or if it is their second visit after the antibiotics have had a chance to work, the tooth would be sealed with a dental bonding agent. This is the final step of the treatment.

After Care
When the treatment is complete, the patient should not try to eat anything until the Novocaine has worn off. When they are ready to eat, they should avoid chewing with the tooth that was treated for a few days. If the patient is having any discomfort, an over the counter pain reliever will help.

Root canals are not as bad as most people think. If a person is in need of a root canal in the South Loop, they should visit us .

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