Hiring Security Guards for Construction Sites

One of the ways construction companies try to underbid other companies is by reducing costs. One way they try to keep overhead low is by leaving their construction sites unprotected. Other Los Angeles construction sites hire security guards, but have higher bids in order to absorb the costs for protecting their properties. There is an argument in difficult times of economic recession for saving money by skimping on security and underbidding other companies in order to make money when it’s so hard to come by. It’s especially hard to come by in an economy where home foreclosure makes daily headlines, and the construction industry has been hit particularly hard.

The argument on the other side, however, which is probably more sensible, is to add value to your investment in Los Angeles by hiring professional security guards who can deter and prevent greater losses. An appeal to the difficult economy can be made in this instance, as well; in difficult economic times, people are more likely to commit acts of crime, such as theft, which can result in a huge loss if your construction site is hit. Many criminals, particularly those who are able to resell copper wiring, specifically seek out those construction sites where security guards are not present. Losses in the thousands of dollars can occur through the theft of equipment, on-site computers, tools, and materials. Additional vandalism and property damage are also losses that can occur relatively frequently at unprotected sites. In a population as dense as that which exists in Los Angeles, it is in the best interests of investors and owners to hire security guards who will protect their interests as they protect their investment.

Los Angeles security guards are trained and licensed professionals whose job it is to make sure nothing happens to your site or property. They are trained in maintaining an active presence on site that serves as a deterrent for criminal activity, whether from crafty career thieves or squatters who just make a general mess of things and cause damage. The presence of a security guard is often strong enough of incentive to turn most people in another direction, and skilled guards are able to issue appropriate warnings which will effectively prevent others from entrance while minimizing any potential for escalation. If something does occur, a security guard can be there with fully documented material as a witness to testify against criminals in court. An unprotected Los Angeles site, however, is left alone as an invitation to be burglarized or vandalized, which isn’t worth the low bid.

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