What to Expect During A Dental Implant Procedure

Whether you’re thinking of going for a dental implant or you have already decided to have one placed, the thought of having a dental surgery can be terrifying.

We’ll look at the procedure and what you should expect. Your dental implant specialist will tell you the type of dental implant to be placed and the cost.

How Long It Will Take?

This depends on some factors that determine how long the procedure takes.
• Tooth extraction before the implant
• Your overall dental health
• Number of teeth to be replaced
• The teeth to be replaced

The Surgery

Local anesthesia is used in the surgical phase in the dental office or an IV sedation if an oral surgeon performs it. This phase involves:
1. Numbing of the mouth with local anesthesia.
2. Making an incision in the gums exposing the bone underneath where they will be placed.
3. Creating a space for the implant using a specialized drill.
4. Screwing the implant using the implant drill or a hand tool.
5. After the implant is in place, a second component is screwed into the implant and remains throughout the healing process.
6. Closing the gums over the implant.

The Second phase

  1. The implant is re-exposed by a small incision made in the gums.
  2. A small extension will be placed on the implant to take the impression used to fit your crown.
  3. Your dental implant specialist will schedule a series of appointments to make your implant crown.
  4. The last step involves the placement of your new implant crown. The dentist may sometimes want to try to fit the crown before it’s finished to check its fit and shape in your mouth.

Make sure someone takes you home!

The dental implant procedure is done in two phases: the surgical phase and fitting of the crown. Anesthesia is used in the surgical phase, so it’s important to have someone to take you home after the surgery.

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