Basics and Application of a Typical NPN Transistor in New England

A 2N2222 transistor is an electronic component, more specifically an NPN bipolar junction transistor, or BJT, with a wide range of applications. It is capable of moderately high-speed operations with a design intended for low power and medium voltage use.

The Basics

The term NPN refers to a P-doped layer between a pair of N-doped layers. The 2N2222 has an emitter terminal, a collector terminal, and a base terminal. It’s current-controlled with a collector current of 800 mA and a500mW power dissipation.


As a current-controlled transistor, the 2N2222 uses a small current in the base terminal to push high current between the collector and emitter terminals. Due to its quick response time, it’s utilized for switching purposes.

Other applications are:

  • Switch appliances on or off automatically
  • Current amplification
  • Automation and embedded designs
  • Pulse width modulation

2N2222 transistors in Massachusetts are a commonly-used transistor and a typical example of NPN transistors. They appear frequently in small-signal applications and continue as an enduring general-purposed transistor.

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