What to Do if a Home’s Tank of Heating Oil in New Haven CT is Empty

When it comes to winter preparations there are a few “musts” a homeowner should take care of. One is to have their heating unit services and the other is to stock up on plenty of Heating Oil in New Haven CT. These simple tasks go a long way in making sure a home remains comfortable and warm during the colder parts of the year. In some cases, the winter season is longer than some anticipate, which means the heating oil they have stock gathered may not be enough to get them through. If a heating oil supply is exhausted prior to the end of winter, many homeowners don’t know what to do. The good news is, there is no reason to panic. Use the tips here to handle the heating oil shortage.

Contact the Heating Oil Company

While this may seem obvious, in a state of panic it may not be thought of. The very first thing a person should do when their Heating Oil in New Haven CT is gone is to call the heating oil company for a refill. Since this can take some time, it is good to have an alternative fuel source on-site, such as kerosene or diesel.

Get some Diesel

If there is no backup fuel source at the house, it is important to find a durable container that is safe for holding flammable liquids. Take this container to the closest gas station and purchase kerosene or diesel, whichever is available or cheaper. Since there is no way to tell how long it will take to get the fuel delivered, it is a good idea to purchase as much of this alternative fuel supply as possible. The more that is purchased, the better.

Once the alternative fuel is purchased and brought back home, it should be put into the oil tank and then given about 10 minutes to settle. This will ensure all impurities and sediments settle to the bottom of the tank. At this point, the furnace can be restarted and heat should be restored to the home. To learn more about what to do to help avoid running out of heating oil, including setting up regularly deliveries, visit the website name website.

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