The Importance Of Family Dental Care Goes Beyond The Surface

It is estimated that almost 15-percent of the population have a real fear of going to the dentist. Others that don’t schedule regular dental visits do so due to a lack of understanding just how important teeth are to their overall mental and physical wellness. Certainly teeth are necessary for chewing and tearing food but they also impact a person’s appearance, speech patterns, and mental outlook. A person’s teeth support the gums and fill-out their face. Missing teeth, especially several, will leave a person’s face sunken in and result in an aged appearance. Teeth work in conjunction with the tongue and lips to produce understandable speech. For many people, the lack of teeth produce feelings of embarrassment and shame.

Some FAQs regarding dental services offered by Family Dental Care include:

* When Should My Child Have Their First Exam? -; The ADA strongly recommends children visit the dentist once the first baby tooth erupts but not later than 1 year of age.

* What Is Tooth Decay? -; Decay results from the accumulation of bacteria on the teeth. The acid produced by the accumulated bacteria eats away at the teeth’s protective enamel coating, leaving them exposed to infection. Without treatment, the infection leads to pain and possibly tooth loss.

* What is Gum Disease? -; The longer bacteria is present, the harder it becomes, eventually becoming a substance called “tartar”. Chronic bacteria and tartar can eventually lead to swollen and inflamed gum tissue, a condition termed “gingivitis”. Signs of gingivitis are gums that bleed easily during brushing, flossing, and even chewing. Advanced forms of gingivitis are called “periodontis”, which presents with deep pockets or spaces between the gum tissue and the tooth itself. Bacteria forms below the gumline and the resulting infection can actually lead to bone loss and without treatment may result in tooth loss.

* How Often Should You Visit a Dentist? -; In general, most people should visit a dentist such as, twice annually or every six months. Individuals fighting gum disease have best success with dental visits every three months or as recommended by their dental health provider.

In summary, if you have taken your teeth for granted or have not visited a Family Dental Care provider out of fear or anxiety, it’s time to reconsider. You owe it to yourself and your teeth, to take a few minutes every day to brush and floss, and arrange for twice-yearly oral examinations and cleanings. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.