What to Do After Sustaining a Brain Injury

Healthline says common causes of head injuries usually involve any of the following:

  • Traffic accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Playing sports
  • Physical assault

So if you tripped and hit your head or were in an accident, a head injury isn’t something to sneeze at. Make sure you head over to a brain injury doctor right away. Here’s why:

Symptoms can take a while

If you were in an accident and lucky enough to get off scot-free, with nothing but a few scratches and cuts, it’s still a good idea to head on over to the doctor. Sometimes, symptoms take a bit of time to show. If you go home, only to develop symptoms later on, any internal injuries you might have might already worsen with the delay in your treatment.

Find the right doctor

Don’t waste your breath going to a general practitioner. A brain injury physician will know what to look for right away, what signs to watch out for and what tests you need to determine if you sustained internal damage or not. In some cases, a brain injury is a race against time. Prompt treatment can make a difference in your recovery and survival.

What to expect

Your doctor will examine the injury and determine the extent of the damage. Expect to answer questions about the accident or cause of the injury. If you can, it would be better to bring along someone with you. If you lost consciousness after the accident, then it’s better to bring someone along who can provide any of the details you’ve missed. Plus, it would also ensure your safety in case you suffer from dizziness, loss of balance and other symptoms.

So don’t dismiss those head injuries out of hand. Don’t take risks with your health. Get to a doctor as soon as you can.