10 Criteria for Evaluating a Branding Strategy

Here are 10 questions you can ask to check to make sure your brand strategy is as strong as it can be. Asking these questions will help you and the branding companies in Chicago IL that you work with determine how strong your plans are:

  1. Standing apart from the rest- Marketing should set you apart from the competition so you get noticed.
  2. Does it meet needs- Your customers have needs, and your brand needs to meet their perception and expectations.
  3. Helping you to improve- A branding strategy needs to help you grow and expand your business.
  4. Does it emphasize the unique traits- Your business has unique features and offerings that a branding strategy needs to embrace.
  5. Is it focused- Your goals always need to be narrowed in towards the key audience groups that you are trying to reach.
  6. Is it memorable- The branding strategy you embrace needs to be clear, personal, and inspirational.
  7. Is it consistent – Everything you do needs to be in line with the goals and mission statement that your business has.
  8. Is it unique- You need to have a plan that puts you in a unique position where the competition cannot copy your methods.
  9. Will it hold up to daily ups and downs- You will get good and bad reviews and need to be able to roll with the punches.
  10. Making your brand stand out- In order to have a good plan for effective marketing and branding, you need to be unique.

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