What To Discuss With Workplace Injury Attorneys Around Medforrd

In Massachusetts, a worker’s compensation claim is filed according to federal and state laws. The protocol for the claim is defined by how it occurred and the extent of the injuries. Workers who are unable to return to work are entitled to monetary benefits in some instances. Workplace Injury Attorneys around Medford help injured workers who were denied the benefits.

A Failure to Comply with the Law

Unethical employers who receive bonuses for fewer worker’s compensation claims are more likely to break the law. The result of their actions could prevent workers from accessing the benefits they need. The workers often face excessive medical costs, lost wages, and an inability to work in the future.

Compliance with Company Policies

The first loophole unethical employers look for that will disqualify the worker is non-compliance with company policies. The most common loopholes are work attire, footwear, and falsified drug or alcohol screenings. The employers use coercion to convince the worker they don’t have a viable claim due to the safety policy terms. In some cases, the employer changes the policy to include the exact circumstances in which the worker sustained their injuries to avoid a claim.

Disabilities or Permanent Conditions

Disabilities and permanent conditions could prevent the worker from ever working in any industry. The events that led to the accident are reviewed by an attorney to determine if the worker has grounds for a lawsuit. If the employer is liable for the worker’s injuries, a lawsuit is filed.

How are Worker’s Compensation Lawsuits Managed?

A worker’s compensation lawsuit leads to an offer by the insurer in an attempt to settle the case or a trial starts. If any offers are presented, the insurer must discuss them with the worker’s attorney. In a trial, the jury evaluates information from each side and makes a determination.

In Massachusetts, federal and state laws apply to worker’s compensation claims. All workers who are injured on the job are covered under their employer’s policies. The employer must file a claim and determine if the worker is eligible for all benefits. Workers who need legal help are encouraged to contact Workplace Injury Attorneys around Medford or Click here right now. You can also visit them on Facebook.