What Makes a HAWK Crosswalk So Great?

When it comes to technological innovation and pedestrian safety, the HAWK Crosswalk is one of the very best. With many benefits and high-intensity features, this is a design that is built for durability, convenience and safety. Learn what makes this type of crosswalk one of the best.

Solar Powered Options
With solar powered options available on the market, this kind of crosswalk can be placed nearly anywhere. There is no concern about electrical hookups or maintenance, as the sun’s natural energy keeps this crosswalk going. Accurate and highly-visible, this design allows you to have a crosswalk placed nearly anywhere (building parking lots, school crossings, etc.) for optimum pedestrian safety. The unit even has automatic dusk-to-dawn dimming capabilities to adjust to varying light changes.

Safety Requirements
A HAWK Crosswalk is designed to meet all safety requirements, whether it is used temporarily on a building site or is used as a permanent fixture on a college campus or other busy area. Each crosswalk is equipped with a ‘Walk’ and ‘Don’t Walk’ warning signal with the option to add a pedestrian countdown timer. Also included are two 3-signal beacons for visibility and a button that is pedestrian activated.

High Durability
One of the best things about this kind of crosswalk is how little maintenance it requires. Due to its simplistic, solar powered design, it performs well in colder weather, has a no-maintenance battery, and requires very little care to function. With no reliance on traditional electricity, you don’t have to be concerned about power outages or shortages in your area due to storms or mechanical issues with this reliable crosswalk.

This is a pedestrian tool that is very convenient. Since it is self-powered, you don’t have to be concerned about electric bills or bad weather knocking out the electricity. You also have easy set-up and a great 5-year warranty on your HAWK Crosswalk installation, making it a valuable investment for your company. Since it can be placed anywhere due to its lack of reliance on traditional electricity, this is a convenient appliance to maximize pedestrian safety anytime you need to have greater control in your area.