How to Find Reputable Denver Professional Movers

You need to move from your home of many years. Perhaps you have found a better position in a new city or state or have decided to downsize. Regardless of the reason, you are faced with finding a company whom you can trust and with whom you will be satisfied to move all your household goods and possessions. There are some guidelines which you can follow to ensure that you find Denver professional movers so that your belongings are in the best possible hands.

Licensing Requirements
If you are moving within the state of Colorado, make sure the Denver professional movers are licensed by the Public Utilities Commission, the Department of Transportation for that state, or the Bureau of Consumer Affairs. This can be verified by a call to the respective agency or by checking their websites.

Moves out of state require that the professional movers hold a license from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. That they such a license also can be verified by checking their website.

Although not a licensing requirement, find out if the movers you are considering are members of the state moving and storage association in the state in which they are based. This demonstrates their dedication to their business by being members of a professional association.

Handling Complaints
Although the Better Business Bureau does not rate professional movers, it does rate how they handle complaints. Even the most responsible movers will have had complaints issued against them during their years in the business, but their record with the Better Business Bureau will show how they respond to and resolve complaints and their overall rating.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance
Reputable Denver professional movers will carry workers’ compensation insurance. You can request to see proof that they do in the form of an Insurance Certificate, which their insurance carrier issues. Without this insurance, you may be liable for anyone that gets hurts while working on your premises. It may add to the cost of the move, but it offers protection if someone gets injured during the move.

Some work is required on the part of the consumer to retain the service of a reliable, trustworthy, and licensed mover in Denver. However, it is worth the time to do this research as the result is a high-quality move with minimal stress and a satisfying experience.