What is USB Data Acquisition?

USB Data Acquisition is a sensor using an interface to communicate with a PC, and the process receives the data from the sensor and transfers it to the computer for the use in various applications. USB is the preferred method in use today, and now, there are sensors with USB capability that bypass a local computer and make a direct connection to the internet using Bluetooth and your smartphone.

What is USB
USB is simply a universal serial bus, and it crosses platforms and operating systems with remarkable ease. It supports data transfer speeds of up to 480 Mbps. Of course to take advantage of USB technology your computer or devices need USB ports. The ports come standard on today’s machines, and only buy cables that say they are certified high-speed USB to ensure you are getting the fastest available.

USB and Sensors
USB Data Acquisition is used with sensors to transfer data, monitor systems and make adjustments when necessary. The most common forms of USB Data Acquisition on today’s market come in the form of PCI cards, Data Acquisition Boxes, and a Pressure Sensor Interface. The one you choose depends on the application in use, but all three types are sure to make your work a bit easier.

The PCI Card
This is a PC component that plugs right into a PCI slot in your PC. They offer 16 channels of input, and they accept any type of thermocouples. These cards offer a 16-bit resolution with the 100Khz conversion rate, and the packages include Windows compatible software and drivers for various programming languages. Packages come complete with all the cabling you need for connecting the sensor to the card.

USB Box and Pressure Sensor Interface
The USB Box does all that the card does, but the box allows for better accuracy because of its auto-zero capability. It also comes complete and requires no additional signaling. The pressure sensor interface also comes complete but allows for calibration for transducers. Both types include all the software and cabling you need.

USB Data Acquisition is safe, reliable, fast and easy to use. It offers the advanced features and design you need to keep pace with today’s technology.