Parking Permit Stickers Make it Easier to Adhere to Parking Rules

The car you drive may be a clunker or luxury vehicle, but regardless, the stickers on your car say a lot more about you than simply when your next oil change is due to, what sports team you support, where your kids go to school, or your political leanings. Only one type of label, however, gives your car the right to take up space in a parking lot. And that, indeed, is a parking permit sticker.

Defining Rights and Responsibilities
With parking privileges at a premium, it is important to be able to tell at a glance who has the right to use a space. Parking permit stickers create a clearly identifiable and easily read the label that can adhere to the inside of a vehicle that shows the car is in the right place. This is important for two reasons – because it is inside the car, it cannot simply be grabbed and walked away with, and secondly, because they are tamper-proof. They can also be used to specify what cars belong on which levels so if you want to offer your executives a perk you may want to offer them preferential parking spots. And these labels make it clear if the right folks are using them.

Customization and Creativity
You may want a unique shape, specific identification, and even modifiable content on your parking permit stickers. Do you provide monthly or yearly passes? It’s not a problem if you order customizable labels. You can even color code your labels if that is what makes it easier for you to identify quickly and easily who does and who does not have the right to use your spaces.

If a parking sticker can’t be read because it is faded, it’s not much use. Make sure that the parking permit stickers you are using come with some guarantee against sunlight wear and break down of the adhesive used to stick it to the car. Given the value that good parking, and in some cities, any parking, holds, make sure you have the right sticker on your car, and that it will last as long as your parking arrangement does.