What Is Ormus-All You Need To Know

Ormus, also called ORMEs (Orbitally Rearranged Mono-atomic Element), is a combination of essential minerals which have not been explored widely, especially in science. They include some of the periodic table transition elements such as gold, silver, copper, and platinum in a high-spin state. This means they exist in non-metallic form, hence are non-reactive and nontoxic. Ormus is a mineral supplement that exists naturally in plants and volcanic soil. It’s usually harvested from the sea or oceans where it’s abundant. Mostly, it occurs as a white powder, sometimes called Manna, Elixir of Life, or Monatomic Gold.

Where to find it

Since it’s an organic substance, it’s present in living things and those once alive. Therefore it’s found in air, plants, rocks, soil, animals, and water. It’s most abundant in seawater, from where it’s harvested. Harvesting involves a complex extraction process since you must concentrate and collect it from its hiding places. This mineral is believed to exist within other molecules which protect it from electromagnetic fields. This camouflages the supplement, making it unseeable by the standard spectrographic techniques.

How to Use it

Ormus provides essential and sacred minerals missing from regular foods. This is because the minerals are missing from the soil on which the food grows. Therefore you can consume Ormusin your food or sip it on its own. Most manufacturers condense and package the minerals in a delicious liquid supplement. There are no hard or fast rules for consumption since this is a sacred element that tunes with your body. You can take a teaspoon twice a day and progress according to your body’s wisdom.

Kejiwa Alchemy is the premier provider of Ormus minerals, Ormus manna etc .Ormus is a sacred supplement that exists naturally, especially in seawater. It requires a special process to concentrate and extract it. Unlike other supplements, there’s no prescription since it depends on your body’s reaction. You can have it in food/ drinks or consume it on its own.