Tips for Designing Clothing Labels for Camp

Parents often worry about their children returning from camp with all their belongings. The simple solution to this problem is creating clothing labels for camp that will help your child identify what belongs to them. The following tips will help you design custom clothing labels for camp.

Include Your Child’s Name

The first and last name should be printed exactly as it appears on the camp’s roster. For your child’s safety, you will need to adhere the clothing labels to the inside of the clothing to ensure no one can identify them. However, the camp staff can return something quickly if they leave it behind.

Contact Information

It’s a good idea to add your contact information to the label. Include your phone number and email address. You may also indicate your return address if you want it. This information will ensure camp staff can notify you and return your child’s belongings if they are left behind.

Keep It Simple

A clothing label should be simple and clean. Your child must be able to identify their items from those belonging to other kids. Camp staff should also be able to read the information clearly to return lost items. The more your clothing labels for camp stand out, the less likely your child will forget something.

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