What is “Light” Independent Living Compared to Assisted Living?

Residents ages 72 and olde3r are more than welcome to enjoy and reside with the Orchard Crest Retirement Community. The community is different from many other offerings in the state of Washington. For one, the community offers tow main types of living. The ethos of the entire community is independence. Team leaders strive to offer as much privacy and independence as requested, and that is something that is taken extremely seriously. The two main classifications are “light” Independent Living and what is known independent or regular assisted living. They differ by one main attribute.

Light Assisted Living

The classification of “light” is easy to understand. The assistance is much lighter and ubiquitous. In light assisted living, team leaders may typically only visit a resident once a month. There is no daily interaction that includes cooking, housekeeping, and time management. Residents in light assistance are more than happy to live their lives because they are mobile and independent.the Light living is usually exclusively about medical care. It may include a drop-off of medicine on a monthly basis or medical examinations that happen at a consistent schedule. The most important consideration is that residents can be free, without worrying about frustrating oversight they are able-bodied enough to handle on their own.

Assisted Living

Assisted living at Orchard Crest Retirement Community includes everything from minor medical assistance to daily visits to the triplex. The assistance usually involves the basis of living, such as shopping, doing laundry, housekeeping, and budgeting if necessary. Assistance can be daily, but it can also be weekly or monthly depending on the preferences of the resident. This is not hospice assistance. Residents are receiving assistance, but they are generally flexible and independent in their own right.

Residents can enjoy the freedom of doing what they want to do when they want to do it while still having that lifeline extended to them. All assistance is understandable and seeks to make the lives of the residents a bit easier. Help can and will be provided. But, it will still keep residents independent and valued- a position that is enlightening and respectful.