Cosmetic tooth veneers are a good choice

If your teeth have small chips, surface cracks or they are stained beyond redemption then you are a good candidate for cosmetic tooth veneers. With as few as two visits to a Salinas dentist your smile will be transformed, no longer will you feel that you have to hide behind your hand every time you want to laugh or smile.

The differences between veneers, bonding and crowns:

If a tooth reaches the point where the only dental intervention available is a root canal or in the event a considerable amount of enamel has been lost off a tooth, the best solution is to fit a crown. Bonding is what the Salinas dentist will turn to when a tooth has a minute chip of small fissure on the surface, the material that is used is resin, it is applied to the surface of the tooth as a paste, it is hardened and polished to eliminate the minor imperfection.

Veneers are made from razor thin wafers of porcelain that are fixed to the front of teeth which have been damaged, grossly discolored, the biting surfaces are worn down or the tooth has numerous surface cracks and chips. Once the veneer has been bonded to the front of the tooth, the Salinas dentist does final shaping, when the dentist is finished the veneer is not noticeable, they are very resistant to stains as the material is porcelain. Perhaps porcelain veneers are the ultimate solution to returning teeth to their original perfection.

How are veneers made and bonded to the tooth?

During the first appointment with the dentist, the teeth that are going to be fitted with veneers are prepared. This preparation entails removing a thin layer of the tooth surface; once this has been completed the Salinas dentist takes impressions which are used to make molds which are used by dental technicians to produce perfect veneers. While you are waiting for the veneers to be made the dentist will make and fit temporaries. The temporary veneers will not last long but they will give you an impression of what your teeth will look like in the not too distant future. On your second trip to the dentist the veneers are bonded permanently to the teeth which had been pre-prepared.

There are times when even veneers cannot cover the damage, when this is the case the dentist has another solution; fitting the teeth with caps. A cap is very strong, it takes the place of a cosmetic veneer when the amount of surface to be covered is greater than what can be accomplished with a veneer.

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