What Happens When an Issue with Child Custody in Mankato, MN Arises?

by | Sep 8, 2016 | Law Services

While divorced couples usually start out with every intention to follow child custody agreements to the letter, things can change over time. A custodial parent may attempt to prevent the non-custodial parent from seeing the kids. A non-custodial parent may fall behind in making child support payments and have no intention of catching up. At some point, the children may reach the age where they can seek to live full-time with the other parent. When any type of issue comes up with the current arrangement, it makes sense to see an attorney and determine if a change in the setup for child custody in Mankato, MN is in order.

Taking a Look at the Situation

If something is not working as well as it did before, does it mean legal action is necessary to get things back on track? Before any action is taken, the situation needs to be examined closely. Are there extenuating circumstances that have led to complications? What would it take to come to a mutual agreement on how things will proceed moving forward? In many cases, legal counsel that works with issues of child custody in Mankato, MN can regularly come up with a strategy that solves the current issue and ensures the kids continue to have regular access to both parents.

Identifying Possible Strategies

Depending on what is happening, there may be more than one way to deal with the situation. Expect the lawyer to focus on solutions that do not involve going back to court, at least at first. If some sort of mediation holds the potential for solving the matter and preventing any negative impact on the children, that will usually be the first approach to try. Should it become necessary, the lawyer will know how to ready and file the proper documents with the court, and seek to protect the rights of the client while also keeping the kids’ welfare in mind.

If the child support arrangement is no longer working, don’t assume that it will be a long and drawn out court battle to fix things. Visit Blatzlawminnesota.com today and arrange to speak with a lawyer. Once all the facts are on the table, it will be easier to identify a course of action and bring the matter to an end.

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