Accident Statistics Provide Some Insight Into the Need for Long Distance Semi Truck Towing

People driving on the nation’s highways occasionally see a semi truck parked alongside the road or next to a ramp, apparently having broken down. Less often, they view the results of a more dramatic incident in which a semi has jackknifed, skidded off the road or tipped on its side. If the truck cannot be repaired relatively quickly where it sits, long distance semi truck towing becomes necessary to transport the vehicle to a place where it can be repaired. Sometimes the trailer must be hauled away as well.

Considering the numbers of these big trucks on the road, it may be surprising that accidents are relatively rare. In fact, fewer than three percent of all vehicle accidents involve any kind of commercial truck. Only about 16 percent of these accidents are the fault of the commercial driver.

When thinking in-depth about the trucking industry, it’s more understandable why accidents and even breakdowns don’t happen all that often. The drivers are professionals, often with a great deal of experience. The equipment is usually well maintained, which means that breakdowns are unlikely.

When something does happen, however, it’s essential to get the vehicle and the cargo off the road or out of the vicinity as soon as possible. Inoperable vehicles parked next to the road are traffic hazards. If a truck and trailer has gone off the road in an accident, drivers have a tendency to slow down so they can see what’s going on. That creates congestion and a greater risk of rear-end collisions.

California actually has the worst accident rate for commercial trucks. The reasons for this are unclear, but when prompt recovery of the vehicle is needed, long distance semi truck towing services are ready to respond. People might expect the accident rate to be higher in urban areas, but most semi truck incidents occur outside of cities. In addition, most of the incidents happen on weekends A company such as USA Auto Services provides heavy-duty towing for the greater San Diego area and is available every day of the week and overnight. Visit the website to learn more. You can follow them on Twitter.