What Happens During Water Damage Cleanup After a Flood?

When all or a portion of the home is flooded, there is the potential for a lot of damages to occur. Whether the flood is due to rise waters during a storm or a water pipe that bursts, there is no time to waste. Calling a specialist in Water damage cleanup will mean being able to get things back to normal sooner rather than later. here are some of the steps the professional will take as part of the cleanup effort.

Removing Water from the Home

Before it is possible to assess the scope of the damage, it is necessary to remove all the excess water. The expert in Water damage cleanup has the equipment needed to extract the water quickly and safely. A task that homeowners would not be able to manage in days can easily be completed by the expert in a matter of hours. Since timing is everything when it comes to preventing additional damage, hiring a professional is the only way to go.

What Can Be Salvaged?

The next phase focuses on assessing the amount of damage and determining what can be saved. Depending on the severity of the flooding and how long the water was present, things like wood furniture, clothing, and carpeting may have to be replaced. Other items that hold up well to water exposure can be salvaged, cleaned, and remain in the possession of the client.

Dealing with Mold

Part of the process of cleaning up will also focus on eliminating the presence of mold in the home. This will mean more than ripping out carpeting and treating the floors. The expert will likely want to check the condition of the walls and administer treatments to discourage the growth of mold in the framing found behind each wall. Along with preventing the mold from weakening the structure, this action also reduces the health risks to the occupants.

For help with any type of water damage, Call at 760-532-3266 today and arrange for a professional to visit the home. It will not take long to determine what needs to be done in order to put the problem in the past and make the house fit for habitation once more.

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