What Features are Available with Custom Fabricated Storage Containers?

Custom Fabricated Storage Containers come in handy for storing all sorts of things. Since the containers can be made to order, it is possible to include a wide range of features in the design. Here are some examples of features the client will find helpful.

Ventilation for the Space
In some cases, having air flow in and out of the space will be a good idea. It is not hard to include the right type of ventilation in any designs for Custom Fabricated Storage Containers. The vents can be strategically placed so that, even during the worst storm, no precipitation will get into the container and ruin the items currently in storage.

Roll-Up Doors
There’s no doubt that roll-up doors make it much easier to move things in and out of the container. Along with being easier to operate, the door is never in the way when in the open position. This type of door is also more efficient in terms of providing security for those stored items.

Panic Doors
A panic door is simply a side door that can be opened if the client happens to be in the unit and the main door jams. Typically designed as a swinging door, it can also be configured with a roll-up design. This type of door also serves as a backup entrance in the event the main door will not open without tripping some type of mechanism from the inside.

Allowing natural light into the space does make it easier to find something that needs to be retrieved. Consider adding a row of windows along the top of the walls, allowing the maximum amount of natural light in during the mornings and afternoons.

Partition Walls
Organizing the interior using partitions is also a good idea. This makes it easier to designate certain areas for furniture, clothing, documents, and anything else that comes to mind. Knowing which area of the container is set aside for certain things will speed up the process of storing or retrieving items.

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