Using Dog Boarding in Chicago When Travelling

When someone needs to go away on business, and they have a dog they care for at home, they may want to consider using a Dog Boarding in Chicago to care for their pet during this time. There are several ways one can prepare their dog for staying in a boarding facility.

It is a good idea to get the dog accustomed to being around other people in the days before the trip. Having friends come to the home to socialize is one way to have the dog get used to other voices and personalities. Have each of the friends pays attention to the dog during the visit. The dog will be less fearful of the workers when it goes to a boarding facility if it has experience in being around other people.

Taking time to have the dog socialize with other dogs is also important. Bring the dog to a dog park or take walks with friends with other dogs. They will not be as apt to be upset being around other dogs in the boarding facility if they are used to other dogs beforehand.

Enrolling the dog in a training course can be beneficial before it goes to a boarding facility. It will have the chance to learn commands that will be used by the workers, making it easier for both the dog and the workers to have a favourable experience. These sessions are often offered to the public, allowing the dog to get used to the actual workers that will be present during the boarding stay. Another idea is to have the dog go to grooming sessions before the stay. This will allow the dog to get familiarized with the process of being pampered. They will most likely enjoy the experience.

If someone wishes to bring their pet to a boarding facility in the future, they can make arrangements to tour a facility specializing in Dog Boarding in Chicago. They will be able to see the quarters where the dogs stay as well as meet the staff members. Visit Chicago Canine Academy to see if it is a right fit for the dog.